Mathias, a property owner based in Europe, owned a villa in Bali which he intended to keep as an investment and potential retirement home. He realized that managing a property from afar can be challenging, especially when it comes to maintenance and upkeep. That’s when he reached out to Alternative Villa.

Mathias wanted to ensure that his villa was well-maintained and in good condition, even when he wasn’t there. He wanted to avoid any damage or deterioration that could negatively impact the property’s value over time. Additionally, he wanted to avoid the hassle of managing his property remotely and wanted to delegate the responsibility to a trusted partner.


We created a comprehensive maintenance plan for Mathias’ villa, which included regular check-ups and routine maintenance tasks. The company assigned a team of engineers and maintenance staff to oversee the property’s upkeep and coordinate with Mathias for any necessary repairs or renovations.


The maintenance plan was tailored to Mathias’ specific needs and preferences. It included regular cleaning and upkeep of the pool, garden, and interior spaces, as well as routine checks on the plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems. The team also monitored the property for any signs of damage or wear and tear, and alerted Mathias immediately if any issues arose.

Results : With the maintenance plan implemented by us, Mathias was able to ensure the value preservation of his villa, even when he was not there to oversee its upkeep. He received regular updates and reports from the team, which gave him peace of mind and allowed him to focus on other matters.

Moreover, by delegating the responsibility of managing his villa to us, Mathias was able to avoid the hassle and stress of managing his property remotely. He could enjoy his time in Europe while still generating income from his villa through short-term rentals.

The case study demonstrates how a comprehensive maintenance plan can help property owners ensure the value preservation of their assets. By delegating the responsibility to a trusted partner, property owners can avoid the hassle and stress of managing their properties remotely and focus on other matters.